Mary Wynn
Social Studies

Native American Cultural Region Project
The project is due October 23. Each student is responsible for two aspects of the group project.

It's Election Time
We are presently studying the United States Government and the Election process. For more information please click on the "Social Studies for Kids" and "Congress for Kids" links to your right. 

We are busy learning about the wonderful adventures that took place in the Eastern Hemisphere. We will be meeting such explorers as Marco Polo and Leif Ericson. 

Colonial Times
We are busy learning about the Thirteen Colonies and the aspects of Colonial life. 

The Revolutionary War
We are busy studying the dates, events, and important people associated with the Revolutionary War. 

United States Geography
During the first month or so of school we will be studying the geography of the United States. Begin practicing your states and capitals. Some of the links on my page provide awesome practice opportunities. Enjoy!

Native Americans
We have started studying the history of the United States. The first two chapters of our book cover Native American tribes. 

State Capitals Test
Please use the links on this page and my main classroom page to help your child learn the US capital cities. A test will be given near the end of September.

Social Studies Fair
Judging for our Social Studies Fair will be held February 12, 2014. Please see the attachment for requirements and due dates.

The Establishment of the United States Government
We are learning about such things as the US Constitution, the Three Branches of Government, and the Bill of Rights.

Geography of the United States
We are presently study the geography of the United States. We are learning the locations of all 50 states and their capital cities. We have also looked at how the various climates affect how people live in each area.