Pam Campbell
Wildcats Math

Equations Review
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Real World Problems in the Coordinate Plane
Thursday - Acuity Lessons
1. Hexponential Coordinates of Special Quadrilaterals/Activity with Score
2. The Coordinate Plane/Tutorial

Friday - Video and Problem

Acuity Lessons:
Concept of Distributive Property
Properties of Multiplication
Hexponential  - game

Order of Operations
Acuity Lessons:

Ratio, Rates, and Proportions
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Computing Fractions
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Decimal Operations
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Ordering/Comparing Fractions, Benchmark Fractions/Decimals
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Fractions to Decimals
Watch the videos below then play 2 of the 3 games . Spreadsheet Lessons
  1. Basic Formatting
  2. Charts and Graphs
  3. Formulas
  4. Functions, Copy, and Paste
  5. Layout
  6. Spreadsheet Software Unit Quiz

More Equations!
Tuesday -  Equations: Use the links below as directed by your teacher. Ask questions as you go.
Solve one step equations
Solving Two Step Equations
Solving word problems with 2-step Equations
Wednesday - Inequalities Use the links below as directed by your teacher. Ask questions as you go.
Inequalities on number lines
Variable Inequalities
Solve one-step linear inequalities
Thursday - Review PreTest Equations using Slideshow
Friday - PostTest Equations

Personal Tutor Financial Literacy: Simple Interest
Simple Interest Game:
Lesson; Solve Linear Equations with one variable
Study Jams: Addition and Subtraction Equations
Study Jams: Multiplication and Division Equations
Lesson: Solve simple inequalities
Math is Fun:
Acuity lessons:
Personal Tutor -
Equations A
Equations B
Evaluating Expressions
Evaluate Algebraic Equations

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. Oh My!
Week of 1/13/14 Acuity
Monday -  PreTest: 6-1-4 Fractions, Decimals...
Tuesday - 
Brain Pop Movie, Personal Tutor Fraction as a Decimal A & Personal Tutor Decimal as a Fraction B
Wednesday - 
Personal Tutor Percents as Decimals & Personal Tutor Write Percent as a decimal and a Fraction
Thursday - 
  Fraction, decimal, percent conversions: Level 2
Friday - PostTest: 6_1_4 Fractions, Decimals, Precents

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
On Acuity:

Group 1 - Word problems with basic operations of fractions

Group 2 - Personal Tutor: Multiply fractions & Divide fractions, then B of both 

Group 3 & 4 - Personal Tutor: Multiply fractions B & Divide fractions B and then Word problems with basic operations of fractions

Acuity Angles:
Pairs of Angles
Solve problems with unknown angles
Math is Fun Angles:
Math is Fun Area:

Expressions and Equations
Study Jams :
Addition & Substraction Equations -
Multiplication and Division Problems -
Creating Equations from Word Problems -
Determine the Missing Operation in an Equation-
Order of Operations
Acuity Lessons:
Equations with variable for unknown
Equivalent Expressions: Level 2
Evaluate Algebraic Expressions
Evaluate expressions with positive and zero exponents
Evaluate Algebraic Expressions with Exponents Level 1
Evaluate Algebraic Expressions with Exponents Level 2
Order of operations with exponents and parentheses: Level 1

Histograms & Stem-and-Leaf Plots 3-26-15
Do Acuity lessons:
  1. Histograms
  2. Stem-and-Leaf Plots A

Box-and-Whisker Plots 3-30-15
Acuity Lessons:
  1. Multiple Choice Box Plots
  2. Hexponential Box-and Whisker Plots

Percent, Decimals, Fractions