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Sharp Creek LOS Projects
Letter Identification
1st Grade
Pumpkin portfolios, Fire Safety, Looking for Leaves
2nd Grade
Bats, Election
3rd Grade
Mapping the U.S.A., Building a Community
4th Grade
Miami Indians
5th Grade
Newsletter, Morning Announcement Team
6th Grade
Morning Announcement Team, Newsletter

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Levels of Service
Level One Services – Services provided to ALL students and generally covered by the regular classroom and specials teachers. Level Two Services – Services that are planned programs in which many students CHOOSE to participate. Level Three Services – Services for SOME students identified with special abilities in a specific area and students are INVITED to participate.

Level Four Services – Services for a FEW students identified with extremely high abilities needing individualized instruction plans for these areas.

Offered during the School Day
Program Area Program Area Program Area Program Area
SSR Academic Band Fine Arts Quest Academic    
Field Trips Academic Character buklding Leadership Knowledge Master Academic    
PE Sports Summer School Academic Summer Arts Fine Arts    
Music Fine Arts Tutoring Academic Keyboard Demo Fine Arts    
Art Fine Arts am announcements

Adademic Leadership


Computer Lab Technology Pigskin Geography Academic        
Convocations Academic PTO Performances Fine Arts        
Buddy Reading Academic            
Jr. Achievement Career            
Mini Economy Career            
RATS Academic            

Academic Technology

Think Tank Academic            
PAT Leadership            
Library Academic            
Miss Manners Leadership            
Words of Wisdom Leadership            
Choir Fine Arts            
Camps Academic            
Fame Fine Arts            
Walk Through Indiana Academic            
AR Carnival Academic            
Layered Curriculum Academic            
Digital Portfolios Academic            
Spectrum Academic            
Type to Learn Academic            
Country Reports Academic            
County Reports Academic            
State Reports Academic            
Township Reports Academic            
WebQuests Academic            
Differentiated Instruction Academic            
Electronic Field Trips Academic            
Instrument Petting Zoo Fine Arts            
Math League Academic            
P.E.P. Leadership            
Extracurricular Activities offered by the School
    Football SportsSports        
    Basketball Sports        
    Volleyball Sports        
    Track Sports        
    Baseball Sports        
    Softball Sports        
    Wrestling Sports        
    Book-It Academic        
    Math Bowl Academic        
    Spell Bowl Academic        
    Yearbook Contest Fine Arts        
    Family Fun Night Academic        
    Geography Bee Academic        
    Spelling Bee Academic        
    Read Across America Academic        
    Read Across the World Academic        
    Visual Performing Arts Fine Arts        
    Cross Country Sports        
Activities Offered by the Community
    4-H Leadership Student Art Show Fine Arts    
    Scouts Leadership Community Theater Fine Arts    
    Battle of the Books Academic        
    Christmas Banners Fine Arts        
    YMCA Sports        
    Colts Art Contest Fine Arts        
    REMC Art Contest Fine Arts        
    Indiana Essay Contest Academic        

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Welcome to the Sharp Creek Counseling Department!  Mr. McWithey, Counselor

Q.  What does a School Counselor/Social Worker do?

A. Listen to students and take their concerns seriously in a supportive, safe and non-judgemental relationship. To help children clarify problems, perception, behavior, and emotional feelings. To teach children that choices have consequences. Help children learn from their mistakes so they do not repeat the mistaken behaviors and to recognize other effective choices. To help children develop self-discipline. To support children during times of crisis. To consult with teachers and parents. To provide classroom guidance in social skills, life skills and conflict resolution.

Counseling is not a quick fix, not the counselor "fixing" the student (or teacher or parent), not shared with others (counseling is confidential), or not disciplinary!

I.C. 20-6.1-6-15 protects from disclosure privileged or confidential communications made by a student to a school counselor in his/her role as a school counselor.   A school counselor cannot be made to disclose communications made to him/her in this protected relationship unless the student consents to the disclosure except as provided under
I.C. 31-6-11-8 (the compulsory reporting of child abuse).

" I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller

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These services are being provided as a convenience for our parents and patrons to make payments for different designated accounts and fees in each building.

As the year progresses the types of fees that can be paid using these services will change periodically. Please check throughout the year if you desire to make payments for items listed using this method. As always, you can still go to your school and make payments in person.

Indy Host is available to pay book rental fees, and headphones.

My Lunch Money is a service that is offered by MSD to apply monies to your student's meal account.

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