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Working Together ... Teachers and Parents Can Make A Difference!

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of Sharp Creek Elementary school where we have awesome students, parents, and staff.  I have been with MSD of Wabash County for many years.  My first six years with the district I taught 6th grade at LaFontaine Elementary.  I taught History at Northfield High School for five years.  I love teaching because of the responsibility teachers have in preparing students for the future.  Responsibility and work ethic is a standard that I hold very high for every person(students and staff alike) in the school.  This means that I expect students and staff to do their best and complete all assignments/tasks to the best of their ability.  My motto is any job worth doing is worth doing right.  My wife, Carie, is employed at Gorman Center for Orthodontics.  I have two children - Maddie and Jett.  We also have a yellow lab named Sally. Principal Jay Snyder  My family means the world to me, and we all enjoy spending time together whenever we can.

My philosophy of education deals mostly with producing good quality citizens.  Educators need to keep in mind that the students in the classroom today will be the future leaders of the country tomorrow.  We all need to make sure students learn the importance of being honest, responsible, respectful, and cooperative.  I believe that the best way for us to show the importance of these qualities to students is to be good models of them.

Another important part of my philosophy has to do with the unique characteristics of each individual learner.  Each student has the potential for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.  Sharp Creek Elementary is committed to help students achieve their potential in all areas by using all techniques and resources available to us.

My wish is for all children to realize they are special and that they can be successful.  I want them to discover that everyone makes mistakes; therefore, it is fine to make a mistake once in a while as long as we learn from it.  In addition, I would like all students to have pride in their work, themselves, and to do nothing less than their personal best.  Finally, I wish that all parents knew that they are the most important people in their children’s lives.